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Expert’s Advice on How to Apply for Housing Loan in the Philippines

People generally make two major investments in their lifetime: a house and a car. Obviously, the bigger one of the two is the house. It requires a bigger amount of money and longer terms compared to getting a car that can only last more or less five years. For every family, just like in the Philippines, purchasing a house is one of the biggest aspirations and accomplishments and this dream has transformed into a reality through the help of financial assistance coming from banks and other lending institutions and of course, government bodies, too.

There are three major sources of financial assistance for the purchase of a house in the Philippines: Banks, Pag-IBIG housing loan, and in-house financing from the developers. The common difference among the three is the interest rate. Though there are these major sources, granting the house or home loan is never easy. It’s a bit complicated from the start considering all the strict qualifications, the documentary requirements, financial obligations and the years you’ll be spending to finish paying for the loan.

To help you out in winning this challenge and preparing yourself mentally, emotionally, and financially, here are some bits of advice on how to apply for a home loan in the Philippines:
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Where Can I Find the Cheapest House and Lots in Manila?


Deciding where to build your home is one of the most challenging stages when settling down. Once it’s decided, you can never turn back easily. It’s the riskiest part as this is where your hard-earned money will be spent. Therefore, hesitations are a normal feeling when making this decision.

When buying something, it’s always the price that is the primary concern of every prospective buyer. It goes the same way when buying a property, specifically house and lot. The value of a real estate property increases each year and running after what seems to be a relatively affordable price is getting tougher each day.

To help you narrow down your options, here are some cities in Metro Manila where you can find the cheapest house and lots.
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How to Pick the Most Ideal House and Lot Property for Your Family


Based on Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, having a shelter is one of the physiological needs that should be met and satisfied first before stepping up to the next level of the pyramid of needs on your way to self-actualization and contentment on top.

Getting yourself and your family a home to build memories together is one of the most precious experiences anything else in the world can’t ever replace. It isn’t just a need; it is something that can bring a different kind of satisfaction especially if it’s the ideal house you’ve been dreaming of.

How do you pick the most ideal house and lot property for your family? There are so many things to consider, a lot of issues to discuss and of course, you’ll get to be pickier, which is just actually fine!

Here are factors to consider before investing on a dream home for your family:
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6 Top Tips for Real Estate Investing in the Philippines


Getting a home to call your own is indeed everybody’s dream. As the real estate industry continuously booms in the Philippines, consumers get a lot more options to consider in buying a property in terms of location, style, size, and of course, the price. Its popularity and attractive advertisements invite individuals of getting one rather than just rent an apartment or a condominium and shy away from investing.

Planning to purchase a property can be very exciting but surely, it can be one of the most difficult decisions one can make in life. It’s never easy. It’s not just finding a place to stay and raise a family. It requires financial preparedness, a lot of work and the right mindset.

Before investing your hard-earned money into a property, here are the top tips for real estate investing in the Philippines:
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