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How to Pick the Most Ideal House and Lot Property for Your Family


Based on Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, having a shelter is one of the physiological needs that should be met and satisfied first before stepping up to the next level of the pyramid of needs on your way to self-actualization and contentment on top.

Getting yourself and your family a home to build memories together is one of the most precious experiences anything else in the world can’t ever replace. It isn’t just a need; it is something that can bring a different kind of satisfaction especially if it’s the ideal house you’ve been dreaming of.

How do you pick the most ideal house and lot property for your family? There are so many things to consider, a lot of issues to discuss and of course, you’ll get to be pickier, which is just actually fine!

Here are factors to consider before investing on a dream home for your family:

1. Features

Every goal starts with a dream. Dreaming big for you and your family is extremely normal and acceptable. Try to imagine every corner of the house. What do you want to see the moment you step on the doorways? What’s the style of the house? Do you want to live by the beach, be surrounded by nature, or do you still prefer the city life?

This image will be your motivating factor to achieve and work hard for your dream. You may write down a wish list detailing every single facet of the house.

2. Community

After knowing what you really want, it’s time to place it in a community where it fits well. Are you dreaming of a friendly and close neighborhood or a small community to exchange good vibes each day? Or would you prefer some private and quiet place to live?

Some families may choose accessible areas especially to common places such as malls, church, schools and the likes. Others may opt to live in some secluded areas away from the busy and noisy streets of the urban life. Doing research, checking reviews, and actual site visits are highly recommended to have a feel of the place.

3. Lot Area

One thing that would be constant about getting a home is the lot area. Would you like to have a garden area or a yard for herbs and vegetable patch? Then you have to reserve a considerable amount of space for this.

You may try to compare the space you’ll probably need with the space in your current home and add up the changes you’d like to have. All these factors will totally help you out in deciding for the space you need.

4. Price

Does your ideal home fit your budget? The monthly mortgage payment isn’t just the expense here. There are taxes and other maintenance fees you need to pay on a regular basis. Try to be resourceful as much as possible. Use connections if necessary. This isn’t the best part but this is the most crucial one. Dreams are free but achieving this can be very costly.

Getting an ideal home is one of life’s biggest accomplishments. It’s not just a solo achievement, but also an achievement that can be credited to the entire family. However, it takes a lot of hard work and strategies to pick the most ideal house and lot for sale. Be wise and have the courage to put this dream into reality by considering the aforementioned factors. With a perfect home at the right place and at the right time, you and your family can happily move up to the pyramid and achieving self-fulfillment won’t be too difficult at all.